Story Of Me

Hello my name is Anthony Baisden U.S. Navy Sailor and something about me is that I wake my ass up every morning knowing I can do better than what I am doing now, but the problem is once I get to going on something I don’t finish. At times when I fail I continue to allow myself to not go back for things that I truly want like that’s bullshit I have always been a guy to tell people to never quit on yourself because you can do it but at times I do it all the time. And ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I’m so sick and tired of the way I have been so sick and tired of wanting to be better but ain’t doing shit to get better like I wanna be a Business man but I’m too dam lazy to go out there and try like come on man. I just wanna be different, I just wanna be that guy that shows everyone it doesn’t matter what anyone says you can do it, you can fucking do anything you put your mind to just gotta believe and that’s one thing I gotta start believing right here right now.

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