We all go through pain in our life. Whether it’s falling down hard when we were a baby, being sick to our stomach to where we didn’t want to move at all, or being hurt by a love one that we really cared about. I know at times some of us think that the pain we go through will last forever. We think that what that person did or what happened will always stay with us and that there isn’t a way we can get through it. I’m here to let you know that, that’s a lie and that pain will not last forever. I’m here to let you know that the pain you go through someone else has been through, someone else has been hurt by a love one, someone else has been told that they aren’t going to be shit, and someone else has definitely been to the point where they felt like the only way to escape the pain was to end it all. You can’t let that pain drag you down forever, you have to turn that pain into a driving force to where whatever you have been through in your life you will not let it happen again. You will not fold, you will not bow down, and you will not give into the suffering. As soon as you do that the enemy has won because whether you like it or not someone in this world wants to see you down, someone in this world wants to see you suffer and go through pain. But you will fight back, you will stand up on your own damn feet and say enough is enough, and say I will not suffer anymore. Even if you have to do it on your own find a way to get through the pain and once you have gotten through it help someone else get through it. Not all of us can get through it alone some of us need someone to push and pull us over and over, until we build up the strength to fight back, and decide that we are fed up with it.

Pain is a part of growing up. It’s how we learn.-Dan Brown

3 thoughts on “PAIN

  1. I love this man keep it up Roderick sent this to me and I’m glad he did keep being the best you that you can be and never let nothing stop you from your grind to success🙂💪🏾

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