Since I was a little kid I have seen many people make excuses for things they never achieve. I heard it a lot during school when the teacher would ask for homework and most students would say “oh I was too busy to do my homework “or “I didn’t even know we had homework.” We see it all the time in our life where a person would say “I’ll do it tomorrow” then the next day they’ll say it again “I’ll do it tomorrow.” We get to the point where we figure they aren’t going to do it at all. Not going to lie, I made a lot of excuses in my life. There have been plenty of times where I would say I’m going to do something, then I turn around and make up excuses of why I didn’t do it. As I got older, I realized that in order to get to where I wanna be at in life I have to stop making EXCUSES. I have to get up off my feet and seek out my vision, I have to change my mindset, and go after what I believe in. Because no one is going to do it for me, if I want to reach my goal in life all the excuses I made were going to have to go out the window. And I’m telling you that we have to stop making excuses, we have to get up and go after what we want. Doesn’t matter if we fail or not at least we decided that we weren’t going to make any excuses anymore, and that if we want a better life for ourselves we were going to go out, and get it rather than wait for it to come to us. Because if we go throughout our entire lives making excuses, we will never reach the level that we’re suppose to be at. We will never build the next Apple Company, we will never be the next Oprah Winfrey, we will never be the first millionaire in our family, and we will never achieve anything greater than what the generation before achieved if we keep making excuses in our lives. It all starts with us, we have to make a better future for ourselves by first putting a stop to the excuses that we make in the present. In order for us to live a better life we have to get rid of our EXCUSES. We have to turn those excuses into ACTION starting now not later, but NOW because if we don’t start now, then we won’t start at all. So stop making excuses and start taking action in order for you to create that life that you’ve always wanted for yourself and for your family. The excuses stop with you they stop right here and right now because you have the power to shift your current situation. You just have to stop making excuses and start making reasons. Reasons why you work the way you do, reasons why you want to be what you set out to be, reasons why you want to travel, reasons why you want a new house, car, and etc. Once you turn you excuses into reasons then you will become unstoppable, you will become knowledgeable, and you will become accountable.


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