You know growing up in life my family and I have been through so many struggles. It would be times where the electricity would be off, where the water would be off, where we couldn’t pay the bills on time, so we had to move out either the next day or next week. It was a time where my mom had to be both the woman and the man in me and my brothers lives. Not because my dad didn’t love us or anything it’s just that he would always get into some trouble and wouldn’t be around at times. But even though we went through these things, we would always keep going and we would always find a way to make it out. I have to give thanks to God and my mom for that one because she never gave up! It didn’t matter if she had to work 2 or even 4 jobs, she would always find a way for her kids to make it out. I remember the times when we would be down and she would always keep us encouraged whether it was her telling my brother Jaylon to not give up on football and to keep going, or telling my brother Roderick that he can do anything, he sets his mind to, or even telling me to not listen to what people had to say about me. And from that I have learned that it doesn’t matter what obstacles you’ve faced in life, you can make it out. Doesn’t matter what struggles you have, you can get through any obstacle that comes your way. I remember reading the bible and it said that God wouldn’t place anything on you if he knew you couldn’t handle it. So I’m telling you now that it doesn’t matter what you are going through, you will make it out. Might not be today or tomorrow, but sooner or later it will happen. Hell look at me I grew up with no silver spoon in my mouth and now I’m on the path of becoming a motivational speaker. My brother Jaylon is on the path of playing college football. My brother Roderick is on the path of becoming an actor. And my mom is on the path of doing what she always to do and that’s becoming a doctor, so she can help people. So as you can see if we can find a way to make it out of what we were going through, then what gives you the reason to not make it out of what you have been going through? You have to be willing to either find a way out or make a way out of your struggles. Because if you don’t you will continue to struggle until you get fed up with it one day. The grind don’t stop.
“Where there is no struggle, there is absolutely no progress.”~ Eric Thomas

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