I have seen throughout my life the outcome of “LOVE” so many times. I have seen people fall in love and it turn out to be something positive as well as something negative. I have learned of how GOD “LOVED” the world so much that he gave away his only son for all of our sins. I have witnessed the things people will do to prove their “LOVE” during my lifetime whether they were good or bad. Now love to me isn’t all about kissing all over one another. To me it’s about the affection you have towards one another, the care you have towards one another, things you are willing to do for one another, and most importantly the things that you are willing to overcome for one another. Now it doesn’t seem like there is much love out there for one another. We kick, fight, scream, and treat each other so different. Whether it’s because of our skin, our beliefs, what we eat, or even the way we walk. We will find a way to treat one another with no “LOVE”. You know so many people have gave their time and life away just to cause a difference in this world. For us all to come together and “LOVE” one another like we are suppose to. We’ll follow along with it for a while, then all of a sudden we change, and go back to what we were doing before. Basically giving those who truly care about us a BIG slap in the face. We must learn how to check ourselves first, before we can check someone else, we have to learn how to do what Michael Jackson said and that’s “Start with the man in the mirror.” We have to stop hating each other and start loving one another. Cause if we don’t no alien,Tsunami, or even giant astroid is going to be the cause of our destruction. WE ARE GOING TO BE THE CAUSE OF OUR OWN DESTRUCTION. So spread the “LOVE” because that’s the only way that we can make things better is by coming together.

“Love means always praying for greater happiness for everyone.”~ RYUHO OKAWA

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