Why stop when you reach something you wanted to achieve? Why stop just because everyone else did? Why not continue on? Growing up I have always wanted to achieve my goals in life, I have always wanted to be able to say I made it, I have always wanted to make a better life for my family and myself . But what then? What do I do after that? What do I do once I have made it, do I just stop there and settle where I am at, or do I continue on and find another goal to achieve? You see In life people set goals and once they achieve those goals they don’t have a plan of what they are going to do after. They just achieve their goals and then just chill after that. No new goal is set, no new destination of where they want to be at is set. Yeah, sure your family is taken care of, that job you have always wanted you finally have it, that house you have always wanted you finally have it, but what then? We have to continue with our goals, we have to find new mountains to climb, we have to make progress each and everyday. We have to NOT STOP making progress, so we can build a better world for the future generations to come. Because if we just settle down once we reached our goals, all the problems that we are faced with now will constantly grow, until we decide to put a stop to it. Have to remember we are the future of this world, WE determine our faith, whether that’s a world full of success or a world full of destruction, that’s for US to decide.

“You’re not the same individual you were a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago. You’re always growing. Experiences don’t stop. That’s life.”~Unknown

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