In life everything could be going smooth. That job you have always wanted you got it, that person you have always wanted to date you date em, and that life you have always wanted to live you live it. But then doubts come into play. You start to doubt yourself and think how you aren’t good enough, you start to doubt the relationship you are in and say how you could do better, and you start to doubt your life and say how it’s not good enough. You see in life nothing can bring you down more than your own doubts. Yeah, sure people can say whatever they want to say about you, but only you can decide whether you believe it or not, only you can allow for negativity to come in your life, and only you can give into the doubts. I even face my own doubts, even on this path of wanting to be a motivational speaker, I still doubt myself at times. But each and everyday I learn that #1. I’m just getting started, #2. God has bigger plans for me, and #3. I can achieve anything that I put my mind to. But, I HAVE TO PUT MY MIND TO IT, I have to believe when no one else believes, and I have to constantly overcome doubts each a and every day. It’s not going to go away in one day, going to take patience and for you to believe that you can overcome it, but it all starts with just believing. Believing in yourself, is how we will overcome doubts.

“Even when you have doubts, take that step. Takes chances. Mistakes are never a failure-they can be turned into wisdom.” ~ Cat Cora

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