So why do we have opposites? Why can’t everything be one sided? You see In this world we live in, opposites attract. Can’t have good without the bad, Can’t have up without the down, Can’t have heaven without hell, and can’t have success without failure. Truth is if you think that you’re going to have good days without the bad ones you’re wrong. It’s going to be a time in your life where you fail at something only to succeed at something else, it’s going to be a time where you breakup with someone only to find true love. You see opposites allow for us to enjoy our good times and learn from our bad times. They allow for us to grow as a person forcing us to change and adapt to what comes next. I personally take opposites in life as a chance to make me or break me. I take them as teaching lessons that allow for us to become who we are truly meant to be. I take them as if I can survive through the bad ones, pretty soon good ones will come, if I can work my ass off for my goals, pretty soon I’ll start achieving them. If I make mistakes, pretty soon I’ll start learning from them. You see it’s all about growing, it’s all about becoming a better you, no matter how hard it may seem just remember the good days are coming, but first , we have to get through the bad ones.

“We are polar opposition, complete contradictions. Maybe that’s why, we are so strongly attracted to each other. And the moment we begin To ‘like’ it we repel.”~The Luna

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