Accountability, Focus, and Believe

There are three things that I believe will get you to achieve your goals in life. And that’s Accountability, Focus, and Believing.

Accountability – You have to start holding yourself accountable, can’t keep saying I’ll start on it tomorrow and never start on it. If you find yourself doing that, then start on it today and don’t hold it off until tomorrow. What could take you four months to achieve will end up taking you six years all because of your excuses and no accountability.

Focus- In order to achieve your goals you have to stay focus on you, NOT ANYBODY ELSE. Stop worrying about what someone else’s has going on, focus on yourself so you can become what you want to be. My friend Meza once told me that “You can’t compare a level 20 to your level 1.” In other words if you compare yourself to someone else than you’ll never make it. You have to start off step by step.

Believe- Now this is something that I truly feel will be the cause of your success and that’s believing in yourself. Can’t expect anyone to believe in you if you don’t even believe in you. How do you expect to achieve your goal, when you don’t even believe in what you are going for. When it comes down to it, you can have accountability and focus but if you don’t believe then you will never achieve.

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