Sometimes in life, you may feel like no one is listening, you may feel like the pain you are going through no one can understand, you may feel voiceless. You see in life we have people who feel alone, who feel like no one cares for them, who feel like things will never get better. The thing is you’ll never know who these people are unless they tell you, because they are usually people who have a voice, but they don’t use it. You see we live in a world now where our mindset plays a key role to our success. Where if we think about it, we will end up doing it. But we also live in a world where people who smile the most are usually covering up something. They are usually covering up the sadness and pain behind the smile, because they figure they could just smile it all away. You see these people who feel voiceless are usually the ones who feel scared. Because if they say something people will treat them different because of it. You could be that popular person in school and be going through stuff that you hide from the world because you don’t want anyone to judge you. You don’t want anyone to treat you any different, so you hide it hoping it will go away, but while you are trying to hide it, it’s constantly growing, causing you to become more corrupted on the inside. I’m here to let you know that you have people in this world who are willing to listen, you just have to be willing to speak. I believe that everybody has a story to tell, everybody has been through or is going through something that relates to someone else. I believe that our voices will take us in the direction to reach our goals, the thing is though, you have to be willing to use it.

“Those who have a voice must speak for those who are voiceless.”~ Oscar Romero

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