What do you want to be a symbol of?I want to be a symbol of hope, a symbol of motivation, and a symbol of dreams coming true. I want for people to see my writing, my logo, and think positive. I want them to see that I’m someone who cares about other people’s dreams. I want to be able to connect with people who I don’t even know and I want people to start figuring out their own symbol. As you can see we all are a symbol of something, whether it’s something bad or something good we all represent something. It could be your parents, your job, or even yourself, but either way you represent something. The thing is though, what do you want to be a symbol of? And how does your symbol affect the world? Because whether you know it or not we affect the world with the things we represent everyday. If you represent change than a movement will occur, if you represent friendship than a bond will be made, and if you represent a dream than a vision will be found. But if you represent hatred than love will be lost, if you represent lost than nothing will be found, and if you represent war than no peace will come. So I ask you again, what do you want to be a symbol of?

“Everything I do is a symbol. Everything has a meaning.”~Philippe Starck

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