Secret Place

Everyone has something they do or somewhere they go, when they have things on their mind. I know for me I like to write when things are on my mind because usually something great comes out of it. You see writing helps me understand things more as well as helps me get everything that I have on my mind off. Now your secret place could be something different, yours could be drawing, running, playing games, going to your room and locking your door, washing the dishes, or even listening to music. I believe having a secret place is what helps identify us, it helps us cope with things that we deal with everyday and allows us to escape from the outside world, as well as helps us slow things down a bit. To me that “Secret Place” is where new ideas are formed and is where a lot of journeys actually begin. So I say to you embrace your secret place, learn from it, grow from it, and use it to reach the things in life that you want to achieve. Because in that “Secret Place” there is a light there hiding in the mist waiting for you to find it.

“Create your own secret place. A place your soul can just “be“. Make it a beautiful reflection of you.”-Anonymous

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