Random Thoughts Part 1

I dream of a better world, a better future not only for myself but for others as well. You see I was tired, tired of seeing the same shit happen everyday, tired of seeing people struggle day in and day out just to make a way. I was tired of violence, tired of hatred, tired of people downing others just because they are doing better then them. You see, I have learned that people will find a way to bring you down anyway they can, they will do whatever they have to do to show you that you aren’t shit. I have seen this happen to many people and have seen many of those people actually believe that they aren’t going to be shit and that they don’t mean shit to anyone. And I find that crazy like what makes people feel like they are more powerful than others, what makes people think they can treat others like shit and have no consequences involved with it. I was taught to treat everyone with respect because that’s how you earn it, but it’s like other people know nothing about that. That’s why I wanted to start with the people first, I wanted to be able to aim at the hearts, mind, soul, and spirits of each person who reads my articles so they can be touched in a way they have never been touched before. Because I believe in order to keep this world going and to keep hope alive, it all starts with us because times like this can really take a toll on people.

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