You know, I have seen so many people be hurt by certain things or certain people that come into their life. I have seen friends cry for days over someone that hurt them, I have seen family members shed tears over things that they had no control over, I have seen people who I don’t even know spend days and days suffering over toxic events that affects their lives everyday, and I have seen myself break down over things that I wish I could’ve stopped. You see, I wish I could stop the suffering of others, I wish I could stop the pain, and I wish everything I said made someone happy in this world. But you see, what I have learned is that the pain, the suffering, and the struggle is temporary. You see, you will be faced with different trials and tribulations everyday, but you will also overcome them, and move on to achieve more in life. You see there is only a problem if you refuse to find the solution, the pain we are faced with will continue to grow if you don’t learn to embrace it, and the mountains we climb will continue to get higher as long as we keep climbing them. So if you keep being scared of forgiving people then you will continue to hurt, if you keep being scared to take that next step then you will never make progress, and if you never look at the man in the mirror then you will never see the bigger picture.

“One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when overtaken by temporary defeat.”~Napoleon Hill

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