What’s Your Opinion?

If someone asked you about your ex and you only bring up bad things, you are wrong. Because let’s face it you only bring up those bad things because y’all broke up, but I’m sure if y’all were still together and someone asked you about them you would give a complete different answer. You see, I have learned that this is a result of either you still missing that person or you are still hurt by the events that went on during the time y’all dated. You see so many people have something to say about their ex when asked and 90% of the time it’s something bad. This is the reason why in the next relationship that person gets in they end up bringing toxic stuff from the last relationship to the current one. Say your ex cheated on you then you find a new person to date, most likely you are going to be thinking that person might cheat on you too. Which then leads to trust issues and insecurities and then more problems because that person is going to have to prove each day that they are not like the person who cheated on you. And I feel like that is not fair, it’s not fair for the person who didn’t do anything wrong to you and it’s not fair to yourself when something good is in front of you, but you are trying to ruin it just by reminiscing about what happened. Which there is nothing wrong with reminiscing about what happen, but there is something wrong with not forgiving. When you tend to not forgive you tend to allow that pain to continue to hurt you even when you have moved on to someone else, mentally you haven’t moved on.

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