What does a smile mean to you? You see, a smile to me is more then just a facial expression, it’s a way we can light up the world and it’s a way we can block out our own problems just to help someone else with theirs. You see, even on your worst day, just one simple smile can turn everything else around for you. I believe in our lives, we get so blinded by negativity at times that we forget to smile, we forget to look at the bright side of things and just focus only on the bad. Like yes! We go through a lot on our day to day schedule, but I believe that if we go through our day with a smile we could block out so much negativity that comes our way or negativity that we create ourselves. We have to remember everything we do affects something or someone and I believe a smile could make a huge difference in that change. So, what do you think, what does a smile mean to you? #liftmeup #smile #becreativeinyourownwords

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