Eternal Flame

Everyone has that feeling, that feeling that burns inside of you everyday, that feeling that gets you hyped out of nowhere, that feeling that’s unexplainable. You see I like to believe this feeling is connected to your purpose, it’s connected to your destiny, and it’s what makes you you. Most of the time people try to put out the flame that’s inside of them wanting to burst, but you see you can’t. You can’t put out the flame cause it’s always there calling and following you everywhere you go. Even if it’s just a whisper, it’s always there. It’s just a feeling that tells you that you deserve better but instead you settle for least. You see I believe the reason most settle for less cause they are too scared to allow for their very own flame to flow, they are scared of the fire within. But you see in order to live a fulfilled life you must release that flame inside of you, you must let out the fire that you have within. Cause this fire could be a game changer for you, this fire could open doors that weren’t open before, and release negatively that you may have trapped inside. Remember we were blessed with an eternal flame that flows inside of us all day and night, it’s just up to us to allow it to flow.

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.- Unknown

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