Understanding Others

I don’t see a teenager on the block as a thug or a drug dealer. I see someone looking for a way out. I don’t see a mother on a pole as a stripper. I see someone who has big dreams for their kids. I don’t see a father drinking beer as an alcoholic. I see someone with scars who just wants them to heal. You see, we must begin to understand people not by the things they do but the reasons for why they do the things they do. We tend to look at the habits they have as bad ones, but in reality that’s the only way they know how to survive. As a son of a father who was bad on drugs, a stepson to a man who had a drinking problem, and a cousin to a teenager who was always in the streets. I began to realize certain things but the main thing was I began to understand. I began to understand why they did what they did. You see, many of us go through things mentally that not everyone can see. Even when they ask and we tell them they still don’t see it. They don’t see our pain, our hurt, and our fears that we face cause they don’t try to understand us. It’s all a big assumption game going on with no one trying to understand one another. We fail to realize that the way to change the world is by understanding it. By understanding the people, understanding our surroundings, and understanding ourselves and what we stand for. We have to come to terms with the fact that if we understood one another we would be way ahead of our time and we would change the world.

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