“Hurt people, hurt people”

“Hurt people, hurt people.” When I first heard that quote, I thought to myself “how could they?”. How could people who have witnessed being hurt go out and hurt someone else? I figured they understood how it felt to be hurt so they wouldn’t want to hurt anyone else. But you see, I had to understand that the reason why “hurt people, hurt people,” is simply because they haven’t been fully healed themselves. I mean we are talking about people who have been hurt physically and mentally for who knows how long. It could have all started when they were a kid, maybe it just didn’t show right away, maybe it was something that came and went for them, but the how long is unknown to us. You see I believe we must come to terms with the fact that life goes by fast, but I feel as if it’s moments that require for us to help others, where life slows down a bit to allow us to do so. It allows us to show those hurt people, love. It allows us to be a shoulder to cry, and it allows us to guide those who are still searching for answers. So I ask for everyone to listen, listen to those who are hurting, try to understand them, and try to help them find a solution to their problems. Everyone hurts in some way, some are just willing to speak about it.

“Hurt people, hurt people. Truly healed people no longer hurt others.”- Dale Halaway

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