Beauty in the riches

I have mix feelings about money. You see, money is something that, too me, can be a good thing or a bad thing but it all depends on the situation. I have seen the hardships of money, whether it was having to move from house to house all because we couldn’t pay the bills on time or having to worry about the lights and water being cut off. All my life money has been something that I wanted so bad. Not because I wanted to be rich, but mainly so myself and my family wouldn’t have to worry about anything. You see, you have your struggles whether you are rich or poor but I preferred to be rich while going through the struggle. Even though now I’m in the navy and I’m far from home money is something I still worry about. Yeah, I’m single, no kids so I have no one to spend the money on right? Wrong you see since I left home I have poured all of my money into my dreams. I figured if I could sacrifice the time I’m away from home then it wouldn’t take me that long to achieve certain goals of mine. But it gets hard, it gets hard because you want to help out so bad at home but you realize that you have dreams you want to follow, so the only thing you can do is pray for your family and keep pressing on. You see, the one thing that keeps my head up is that yes I have seen the ugly when it comes to the money, which means the beauty in it is on the way. I just have to stay focus on my dreams and constantly work on getting better each and everyday. So I say this, yes money has it’s problems but I truly believe the problems are worth it. It’s all worth it because once you receive it, you’ll be able to do greats things with it. It just starts with the question what are you willing to do without it in order to receive it?

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