What’s right What’s wrong

For a long time, we have always wanted to know what is right and what is wrong is wrong in this world. You see, we believe that the things we are doing is right in our perspective, but what about in someone else’s? What does someone else see that we don’t see? Do they see evil when we see good? Do they see ugly when we see beautiful? Or do we think they are on the side of righteousness and we aren’t? You see, an example for this is a soldier in the military vs. a kid in a territory, who is viewed as the enemy. The kid sees how the soldier and his team have caused great destruction by killing men and women who were supposedly terrorist of the country. So the child takes it upon himself to defend his country by picking up a grenade, off the ground, and throwing it at the soldier and his team. Now, the solider sees this and shoots the kid thinking that he just stopped someone bad from killing his team. Now the questions is who’s right in this situation? Is it the kid who was just trying to protect his home from a group of people, who he thought was evil? Or the solider who was sent there on a mission and took action to do whatever he had to do to protect his team? The reason I bring this up is because we all are the hero or enemy in someone else’s eyes . We all think that what we are doing is right, but someone else might see it as wrong. Which is why I say we must began to understand each other’s perspective of things. Maybe you think that what you are doing is making your country proud, but to someone else you could be causing great suffering and pain for theirs. But, you will never know unless you learn to understand and ask questions just to see someone else’s perspective.

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