The only truly war that matters is the war within one’s self. You see, we all contain some good and some bad which affects the world around us all the time. We tend to look at other nations, other people, different religions, and see nothing but differences that lead to the so called wars that we are in. But, we have yet to realize that the true war starts within ourselves. You see, it is the war inside of us that leads to the chaos that we can and have caused. Whether it’s the dropping of atomic bombs, the shooting of innocent people, the elimination of our so called “enemies”, the massacre of entire villages, and the souls of which we have taken. But this war also contains balance. Yes! We have caused chaos but we have also caused beauty. This beauty comes in forms of a new born child, the rebuilding of what was once destroyed, the unity within the separation, and the love that shadows over the hatred. So, I say this, the war on the outside isn’t the true war that we need to start dealing with. It’s the war on the inside, the war unseen, the war that we know about but we tend to forget.

“There’s always an inner war going on. To whom I love more. You or Myself.”~ Abinash Biswal

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