When someone is going through adversities, we tend to have good intentions of wanting to help. But the best way to help them is by allowing them to go through it. You see, I have just recently learned something from a documentary titled “Heal,” which has changed the way I thought about adversities in the past. There was a man that was walking and he saw a caterpillar trapped inside of a chrysalis. He saw it struggling to break open the chrysalis, so he decided to cut open the chrysalis to allow the caterpillar to be free. Now, he did free the caterpillar, but the caterpillar emerged from the chrysalis as a dead butterfly. Now, you might say the man had good intentions but the caterpillar still died. Why is that? You see, I have learned that the man had good intentions but he didn’t allow for the caterpillar to go through the process of emergence and struggle. You see, you must go through struggle, heartbreaks, stress, and pain in order to emerge into the butterfly that you are meant to be. So my advice to you would be to allow for people to go through the adversities that they have. Now, you can be a guide for them in case they need some assistance, but still allow for them to do all the work themselves. You don’t need to get in the way of what looks to be a caterpillar trapped inside a chrysalis, but it’s actually a butterfly waiting to emerge.

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