I’m an over thinker

I’m proud to say that I’m an over thinker. You see, there are so many things that I constantly have on my mind and so many situations that I make up in my mind that can sometimes lead to great things, but also bad ones. What I mean by that is I like to dive deep into everything that I think about, you see to me it’s more than just a thought, it’s a vision. It’s a vision that can manifest into a good way but also in a bad way. For example, I’m always thinking of ways, of how I can make myself better whether that’s through my website, speeches, writings, businesses, etc. But, I also think about a lot of “What if’s?” that tends to bring me down at times. Like I’ll be like what if no one likes it, what if I mess something up, what if I’m leading people down the wrong path,etc. You see, with the positives thoughts also comes the negative ones. Now, yes I do all that I can to help with the negativity so I can wash it away, but it’s like with every new goal, every new mountain I climb, there is always something negative that comes in my mind about it. I mainly believe it comes from the fact of me getting scared because I’m achieving and doing things I never done before, but at some point I feel like it’s too good to be true. At some point I feel like I’m going to fail and fail and fail again, and never seem to make it back to the place I originally was. But in all honesty, I realized that I’m fine with failing. I’m fine with failing over and over and over again, and never going back to the person I used to be. Because there is no need to stay the same, there is no need to not try new things, and there is no need for me to over think about the possibilities of greatness that I possess. So, I say this, if you are an over thinker, EMBRACE THAT SHIT! There isn’t nothing wrong with being an over thinker, you just have to realize that you at least think about all the possibilities that can occur. Whether they’re negative or positive you think them, but you can also change them. Remember it’s your mind, your thoughts, so control them the way that you want to. Embrace them the way that you to. And let your thoughts be one with the wind.

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