It’s ok that you are not

You are going through pain, it’s ok. You feel lost and discourage, it’s ok. You feel no love is given to you, it’s ok. All the doors around you seem to be locked, it’s ok. You see it’s ok, it’s ok that you are not ok. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So many people don’t like seeing others all drained and down because they feel like it affects them. Now, in some ways it does, but it’s not always in a bad way. You see, there is a lesson to be learned from this. And that lesson is that you will not always be ok. You will not always have a smile on your face and you will not always be fine with your current situation. So don’t be scared to show that you are not ok, because in reality most of the times we aren’t even if it seem like we are, deep down inside there is someone crying and begging to get out.

Inspired by Megan Divine

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