Mentally Drained

You’re not angry, you’re not becoming lazy, and you’re not giving up. You are just mentally drained. You see, it has been plenty of times, in my life, where I have felt mentally drained. Especially since I have joined the navy where I have to deal with difficult task on the daily. Now, of course you might be asking, what do you do when you are mentally drained? And the answer to that would be to allow your mind to rest. Allow your mind to rest whether that’s by taking a quick nap or escaping everyone by finding a quiet place. You see, I have learned that usually when your mind is drained that leads to things such as headaches, sleepiness, and other problems that come into place when you are mentally drained. I get it, you could be someone who is a workaholic and when you feel drained you just push through it and proceed on until you are done. You see, that’s not bad but wouldn’t you like to finish your work with 100% rather than half-assing it? Would you rather do it right the first time than having to start all over simply because you didn’t have the right mindset for it at the time? There’s nothing wrong with having to come back and finish something all because you are mentally drained. We have to think about our overall health because sometimes when work is in the way, we tend to just block out the way we are feeling and just continue to press on thinking that we are motivated when really we are just drained and just trying to get it over with already. Which is why you must rest your mind when you feel mentally drained. It’s not giving up or being lazy, it’s just simply resting your mind so you can come back better than you were before.

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