Mission Readiness

You know since joining the navy I have learned many things that I never knew before. But, I think one important thing I have learned is that the plans may change but the mission stays the same. You see, in the navy we have a saying that goes ”expect the unexpected,” which is why we make sure we are mission ready at all times. Now, we tend to have secondary plans just in case something happens to the first one, but the mission stays the same. The mission stays the same because it doesn’t matter whatever challenge is thrown at us, we can always change our direction towards it but the mission stays the same. You see, I share this with you because every single one of you has a mission here. Every single one of you were born and brought into this world for a reason. You might think at times that you don’t have a reason for being here and that you don’t matter, and that you are just useless space. But I tell you this, YOU MATTER! You matter because there will never be another person like you. Yeah, sure some could copy your every move, but at the end of the day they will never be you. They will never be able to do what you are set to do on this earth. You might say “why is that?” and the answer to that question is because they have their own mission that they must follow just as well as you have yours. But, you see the person who determines that mission is you, like the navy you are in charge of your own mission. Now, yes things might seem a little shaky at times but you can always change the course of action towards them, but the mission stays the same.

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