In The Eyes Of Me

What do I see? I see a man who has given his all to a woman who may never love him the same way that he loves her. I see a woman/mother alone who hustles and fights for the survival of herself as well as her children. I see a house built, but destroyed by the chaos that lives within it. I see a child lost and confused with the adversities that goes on around her. But, even within all of these things that I see. I still choose to follow the light in the mist of the darkness that guides me and let’s me know that everything will be ok. Because, I also see a firework that makes a person smile the brightest even if it’s only for a few seconds. I see parents filled with with joy after the birth of their new born baby. I see hearts repaired with roses at the arrival of a new love. Because even through all the hardships I have seen, I still see the rainbow that appears after a storm has vanished.

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