Jealousy is one of the worst traits that we have as humans beings. I know for me at times I have been jealous. Whether it was of someone’s achievements, someone else’s looks, the way someone else performed, the attention someone else received over me, and many more. To be honest seeing someone else achieve something that I didn’t made me feel like I couldn’t do shit. It made me feel like I wouldn’t even come as close to achieving what they did. You see, jealously caused me to have strong dislike for certain people and the crazy thing is they didn’t even do anything to me. Like, how do you dislike someone or something when they didn’t even do anything to you or they don’t even know you? But, as time went on I learned a few things. 1) Jealousy is something that kills dreams and goals, and it’s all because you are too busy worrying about what someone else has going on rather than what you have going on. 2) Jealousy is self-hate and self-doubt that you’ve hidden inside of yourself and once someone achieve something that you didn’t, that’s when it begins to rise up to the surface causing you to become hateful and envious towards that individual. And 3) Jealousy is an act that can be cured by accepting the fact that even though you didn’t achieve what someone else has now, that doesn’t mean that you won’t achieve it in the future. So, I ask you to be happy, be happy for others and their achievements, be happy that someone made it. Yes, your time might not have came yet but I promise you it will. You must keep going for it until you receive what you have been waiting for.

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