Why is freedom so important? Well when you mention freedom, which one are you referring to? Is it financial freedom, freedom from poverty, religious freedom, or is it the freedom to do whatever the hell you want? You know, I’m not very good when it comes to stocks, but one thing I have learned about stocks is that everyone is getting into it for one main reason. And that main reason is so they can make a shit load of money, so they can do whatever they want. They look for that financial freedom, even if they have to stay up late at night and risk losing a lot of money. It’s a risk they’re willing to take just so they never have to worry about money again. You see, freedom will make people do things that may seem crazy to others whether that’s losing a lot of money, breaking rules, or going out of their comfort zone, and doing things they never done before. You see, the reason I think that most people think others are crazy is because of this, they are still a prisoner in their own mind. They lack freedom in their mindset. You see, when you lack freedom in your mindset, you restrict yourself from going out and doing things that may seem like a huge risk to you. Now, yes I understand that a huge risk could lead to a huge lost. But what if you focused on the huge gain that would come from the huge risk? What if you freed yourself from this limited mindset that you have? Just how much of your freedom would you gain? You see, freedom is something that starts in the mind first because you have to tell yourself that you will be free, so you can take actions towards your freedom. It’s like when the slaves were fighting for freedom. They knew one thing and that is that they were going to do anything in order to be free. Therefore they thought about freedom, which led them to taking actions to pursue freedom. Which then led to them actually becoming free. So, you see, you can want freedom in any genre you choose, but you first have to start wanting to have freedom in your mindset before you have it anywhere else. Only then will you see that you can be free, but only if you pursue it.

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