Beyond the Picket Fence

Everyone sees the white picket fence. Everyone sees the nicely cut grass, the lovely dog that runs in the yard, the newly painted house, and the lovely family that lives there. But, they don’t see the broken plates within it, they don’t see the pictures ripped in half, they don’t see the clothes burned in the backyard, they don’t see the fur that covers the dog’s scars, and they don’t see the ruins that take place within the newly painted house. Because that picket fence acts as a dome, a shield that doesn’t show the ruins within the home, but shows the beauty outside of it. You see, it doesn’t matter how beautiful something is on the outside, if you can’t understand the torture that it faces from the inside. Because soon that white picket fence will become cracked and rusted because it can’t hide what’s inside of it forever. Which is why it must be destroyed and burned, and made new again. That is why the shield must be broken down in order to allow the wood, nails, and other tools to enter in so that reconstruction can begin. Because beyond the picket fence lives a chance of renewed furniture, repaired picture frames, and some fertilizer for the new seed that is to be planted. So you ask “what’s beyond the picket fence?” And I say to you, a demon transformed into an angel, a seed transformed into a tree, and a house transformed into a home.

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