Change Of Environment

The question today is what are you doing to change your environment? What are you doing to influence yourself or other people? You see, something that I have learned is that many of us are influenced by trends started by many people. For example, Allen Iverson started the trend of Cornrows for many young people. Michael Jackson had everyone around the world trying to lean forward without falling. Taylor Swift had most of us singing in the mirror to a heartbreak song in the early 2000s and Mariah Carey had everyone singing “ALL I Want For Christmas Is You.” Now, I know you are probably thinking “Well the reason these people probably had an influence is that they are famous.” But, what if it’s because they aimed at our emotions and love of things such as; dance, style, and music. You see everyone can do it. Everyone can have an influence or change their environment just by doing something simple. It could be just smiling at someone who may be having a rough day. It could be offering someone assistance, picking up a pencil for someone who dropped it, telling a joke to someone to make them laugh, and so much more. You see, it’s all about starting a trend that benefits everyone overall. One trend that I think changed the environment is TikTok. Now I don’t watch TicTok much, but what I have noticed is that many people are using it. Many people are using TicTok to do many things such as; singing, making people laugh, inspiring, educating, etc. One reason that it has such an influence is because of the change that it has brought to our environment. It allows for us to relate to people who come from different walks of life topics, etc. So, what are you doing to influence yourself or other people? What are you doing to change your environment? Because everyone can do it you just have to be willing to give it a try.

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