Random Thoughts Part 1

Change is something that must come to everyone, even if you don’t want to, it’s bound to happen. Now I used to be afraid of change because I personally wanted things to stay the same but also I didn’t want to grow up. I was afraid that growing up would cause me to be on my own and handling things by myself. Think about that alone, just the thought of being alone sounds depressing already and that’s just something I didn’t wanna experience. But like I said everyone must change because it’s bound to happen so I knew one day that I would have to handle stuff on my own and I would feel like I’m alone even if I’m not. I say growing up has shown me the beauty in actually being on my own at times and the peace that comes with it. Now yes there are some struggles involved with it as well that I’ll have to take on my own but that doesn’t mean I can’t ask for help. It just means that right now I have a situation and it’s up to me on how I deal with it. I say for the most part I have done a good job even if I have cried just a little at times, but I still manage to wipe the tears away and get up and keep moving. And that’s the thing we just gotta keep going. Because life throws curve balls at us all the time and sometimes we don’t even have time to prepare for them but once the ball is thrown it’s up to us whether we settle for the strike out or we swing at it and hope for the best.

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