No Time To Waste

Have you ever sat in your room, at the end of the day and started thinking about your life and the direction you are going and sometimes you might get angry or cry because you are not where you would like to be in life? You think to yourself, “What is it that I haven’t done that I need to do in order to achieve my goals?” You see, this happens to me a lot because I put so much pressure on myself. If I have been working on something for so long and haven’t seen any results out of it, then I eventually start to feel like I’m wasting my time. I have learned that time is very precious and to not waste a single moment of it. So, if I feel like I’m putting in so much effort and not seeing any results, then I become so annoyed and frustrated with myself. Now, things take time I know that, but how much time are we talking about? Like months, years, decades? Because me personally, I don’t want to wait too long to achieve something that I would love to happen soon. For example, some people’s dream is to buy their parents or guardian a house. Now, being realistic you can’t make this happen now unless you have the money for it. You can plant a seed for it and hope it’s grows so that one day you can buy them a house, just not today. But, what if they aren’t around when that seed has grown into a tree? What if the goals that you have worked so hard for, you no longer can share with them because they aren’t here anymore? How would you feel about that? It’s a pretty touchy topic but it’s true, we can’t afford to waste time.

Random Thoughts Part 3

Nowadays we get too offended easily. Now, I know that some things that are little to some people are a big deal to others, which is why we say to be considerate towards other people’s feelings. I believe it comes down to understanding your audience because you never know how they will react to the things you say or do. But why do we have to do that? Why do we have to be careful with the things we say and do because of other people’s feelings? Like who cares what they think right? But that’s the thing, certain situations require for us to actually care what someone else think. For example, business deals and our parents. We want the business to be on our side so we can proceed onto better things, or our parents when we want them to allow us to go somewhere with friends, even when it’s not where we really will be. For those situations you have to care what someone has to say, but for other situations I feel like we shouldn’t have to. Bottom line is that people are going to criticize, judge, and have their own opinion on things no matter what you say or do. So why should we care about the way they think about us? When all of that is limiting how we truly feel and who we truly are? Does our personal feelings matter too? If anything should we take our feelings in account before we take someone else’s?

Random Thoughts Part 2

I feel like being angry is something that we choose to be. We’re in control of our emotions so when someone says something that we don’t like or does something that we feel is targeted towards us, we get mad and want to do something that we may or may not regret. I can’t say that I haven’t done this because I have, many times. I’ve allowed people to get to me and ruin my whole mood just by the things they would say, which then led me to doing something careless in the moment. This is something that can’t be continued because it might seem like you’re not tolerating any disrespect, but it’s also showing people that they can ruin your whole day just by saying something to you. I talked about this before and it’s called people having control over you. You see, once people have control over you they have control over your mind and having control over the mind is a dangerous thing. Now, I can’t teach you how to control your emotions because honestly that’s something that everyone has to figure out on their own. But, what I can say is that we have to be aware of what triggers our emotions so we can learn to control them and not lose control over them.

Random Thoughts Part 1

Change is something that must come to everyone, even if you don’t want to, it’s bound to happen. Now I used to be afraid of change because I personally wanted things to stay the same but also I didn’t want to grow up. I was afraid that growing up would cause me to be on my own and handling things by myself. Think about that alone, just the thought of being alone sounds depressing already and that’s just something I didn’t wanna experience. But like I said everyone must change because it’s bound to happen so I knew one day that I would have to handle stuff on my own and I would feel like I’m alone even if I’m not. I say growing up has shown me the beauty in actually being on my own at times and the peace that comes with it. Now yes there are some struggles involved with it as well that I’ll have to take on my own but that doesn’t mean I can’t ask for help. It just means that right now I have a situation and it’s up to me on how I deal with it. I say for the most part I have done a good job even if I have cried just a little at times, but I still manage to wipe the tears away and get up and keep moving. And that’s the thing we just gotta keep going. Because life throws curve balls at us all the time and sometimes we don’t even have time to prepare for them but once the ball is thrown it’s up to us whether we settle for the strike out or we swing at it and hope for the best.

Letter To You

I saw you rise above the doubts you tried to disguise. I saw the tears that you kept hidden within your eyes. I saw the potential that you thought you never had. I saw your love fade away after everything went bad. I saw your strength when weakness tried to cover you like rust. I saw you over work from dawn until dusk. But I must say after everything I have seen, that you must continue to press on until you reach your dreams.