Continuation of what’s next

Figuring out the next move is something that has me with mix feelings. You see, I usually always know what I want to work on next but then I just think to myself like how do I even get started on it. You see, living in a money driven society many things require money. Now, I believe true happiness can’t be found in money therefore you can find true happiness for free. Now, yes that’s the easy part but what about the hard part? What about wanting to build houses for people who don’t have one, what about wanting to travel the world, and spreading positivity and motivation all over? Does all of those things require money or is it something else? Does it really just take consistency to be able to do these things, does drive really take you that far, what’s really in store for you? I usually start with a goal whenever I’m trying to figure out what’s next. That goal then carries me on to the meat and potatoes of it, which is how will I achieve it. How will I achieve this goal? And the answer to that is, I place one foot in front of the other and take it step by step. Because believe me it will take awhile to achieve, but once you get started on it you’ll be surprise with what you find in store for you. In other words, prepare to receive more than what you asked for. So I say this, if you are struggling to figure out what’s next then start with a goal. Once you start with a goal everything else will fall in place, you just have to be willing to start.