What does music mean?

Why is music important? Is it because of the beat, the singing or rapping, or is it because of the moves we show off when our favorite song comes on. My opinion of music is that it’s something that effects our emotions, it’s something that can change the way we think, the way we act, and the way we feel. Music to me is more then just positivity and motivation, it’s the heart and soul of people all over the world. It’s the tears on a father’s face when he is walking his daughter down the aisle, it’s the smile on a man’s face when he surpasses his max rep, and it’s the joy in a woman’s heart when her baby takes it’s first step. You see music is emotion and with the right tune it can tear us down only to build us back up. Music to me is just a prime example that everything in our life can make a small change. Whether that change is physical or mental, music is something that has proven to be a change in the world around us. So what do you think, What does music mean to you?

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