What’s a fulfilled life to you?

Why were you chosen, out of everyone else, to live? Many times in life, we take so many things for granted which leads us to missing out on those things. Those things could be family, friends, love, dreams, and even living a fulfilled life. You see, the question most people try to answer is how do you live a fulfilled life? And what makes your life fulfilled? Is it the love you show, is it the places you visit, is it the photos you have taken, or is it something else? You see, I can’t even tell you how to live a fulfilled life, nor can I tell you what to do with your life. Only thing I can say is to just live. Live your life with meaning not for others but for yourself. You don’t have to be a millionaire, professional athlete, or a celebrity to live a fulfilled life. You just have to be you! Being you is all that you need, being you is enough to make the world go round, and being you is what leads you to a fulfilled life. Truth is you already know what you want, you just haven’t found the answer yet. So for those of you searching for a fulfilled life the answer to that is inside of you. Only you know what you need and want in life, not anyone else. So instead of asking yourself the question, “ what is a fulfilled life?” ask yourself “what is a fulfilled life to me?”

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