I once I heard a saying that goes, “Don’t forget to build your own castle while helping someone else build theirs.” This is important because so many times in life we tend to help people as much as we can, but we forget to help ourselves. To be honest I’m living proof of it, it has been many times where I have helped others and totally forgot about myself. I have given money, time, and love to others but didn’t give it to myself. You see, it’s not selfish to make sure you are taken care of first before helping someone else out. You must remember that you can’t do anything for anyone if you don’t even do it for yourself. It all apart of self-care because when you take care of yourself, you can now help others do the same. So, don’t forget to look out for yourself while looking out for others. Because when it comes down to it the only person on earth who can really take care of you is yourself.

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