How Writing Changed Me

Writing is beautiful, writing is a life changer, and writing is what helps me identify myself and the world around me. Starting off, I began writing to release everything off my mind. At the time, I had so much going on. My cousin who was like an older brother to me was killed and I couldn’t go to the funeral since I was on deployment at the time. My little brother was getting ready to graduate high school and I couldn’t even make it. Like he was there for mine and I couldn’t even be there for his graduation because I was out at sea. And lastly my family was beginning to fall apart and I couldn’t even do anything about it because I wasn’t there to help with the missing pieces. You see, I lost myself for a bit, my vision seemed blurry because I was at a point where I didn’t know what the hell I wanted to do with my life. But the beauty in writing is that not only did I find something to help me relieve myself of everything trapped inside my mind. But I also fell in love with something that changed my mindset and my life forever. Because that beautiful, but yet scary thing got me sharing my story, writing my pain and progress, and delivering a message from the bottom of my heart. Was something I never could imagine when I was younger and that was writing.

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