Random Thoughts Part 3

Nowadays we get too offended easily. Now, I know that some things that are little to some people are a big deal to others, which is why we say to be considerate towards other people’s feelings. I believe it comes down to understanding your audience because you never know how they will react to the things you say or do. But why do we have to do that? Why do we have to be careful with the things we say and do because of other people’s feelings? Like who cares what they think right? But that’s the thing, certain situations require for us to actually care what someone else think. For example, business deals and our parents. We want the business to be on our side so we can proceed onto better things, or our parents when we want them to allow us to go somewhere with friends, even when it’s not where we really will be. For those situations you have to care what someone has to say, but for other situations I feel like we shouldn’t have to. Bottom line is that people are going to criticize, judge, and have their own opinion on things no matter what you say or do. So why should we care about the way they think about us? When all of that is limiting how we truly feel and who we truly are? Does our personal feelings matter too? If anything should we take our feelings in account before we take someone else’s?

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