Motivated By The Past

I’m motivated by more than what the future has for me. I’m motivated by more than just the present. But, all in all, I’m motivated more by the past experiences that I’ve had. I’m motivated by the struggles and hardships that I have faced. I’m motivated by the long hours I’ve stayed up looking for a way out. I’m motivated by the actions I have taken to reach my goals. I’m motivated by those people who told me I wouldn’t achieve the things I said I was going to achieve. But most of all, I’m motivated by the person I used to be. A person who cared what others had to say, a person who tried his hardest just to please other people, and a person who would spend time helping others improve themselves, but wouldn’t take the time to do the same for himself. So to my past self and experiences, I say thank you. Thank you for motivating me, so that I could realize that it’s only up from here and that I have become someone who has more to offer and I’m just getting started.

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